Real Talk 71: The Naked Yogi – Yogi Aaron

In today’s audio I interview Yogi Aaron

-Aaron’s journey to becoming the “naked” yogi
-How he found yoga and creating a yoga community that become very well known in New York
-Leaving it all behind and moving to Costa Rica
-The importance of community
-Breaking down the rules or the consumerism of yoga and spirituality
-Coconut water does not make you spiritual
-The ego of a yogi
-Truly being present every single day
-Aaron’s thoughts on success and failures
-Getting beyond people pleasing and truly tuning into yourself, your heart, your desire

Notable Quotes

“Community are the people that stick with you no matter what.” Yogi Aaron

“We all poop.”


Yogi Aaron

Blue Osa

Women Who Run With The Wolves

Frolic with 900 Dogs in Costa Rica

Yogi-Aaron-at-Blue-Osa-With-DogsYogi Aaron is a liberator, a change initiator. He is a Master Teacher of Yoga, an International Retreat Leader, the author of ‘Autobiography of a Naked Yogi’, the founder of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, a born adventurer, and an avid animal lover.
His mission is to hold space for those curious enough to become still and discover their own unique brilliance within. His message is one of conquering fear and saying yes! to life with courage, faith and grace. His intention is to inspire all of us to realize our inner strength and cultivate indomitable will, so we’re able to reveal our best self and shine brightly.
Instilled with steely determination and love for the great outdoors he strove to understand himself in untamed landscapes. The wilds of northern Canada, the underwater wonderland of the Caribbean and the Holy Himalayas all provided a rich playground for his unraveling. Lost in nature, he found his true nature.
It was Aaron’s natural inquisitiveness and the influence of his new-age mother that delivered him to yoga at just 18. It sparked a flame that he could not quell. He made pilgrimages to ashrams and retreat centers in order to understand the Vedic tradition and Tantric path.
His personal journey to free his own identity provided fertile ground for healing and growth. It honed a philosophy and attitude to life that was to become the cornerstone of his teachings itself.
He began instructing students in yoga asana, pranayama and philosophy in 1997. By 2001 Yogi Aaron notoriously exploded onto the New York yoga scene and became an overnight sensation. By creating a haven for people to come, practice and be themselves he became a prominent figure in the yoga community. That recognition leads him to start leading workshops and retreats internationally.
When Yogi Aaron isn’t teaching or studying he can be found making homemade jam for his students or surfing with his dogs in Costa Rica.

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All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone (1)

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