Real Talk 57: Felice Cohen Joins

In today’s audio I interview writer and organizer, Felice Cohen

-Living large in a small space
-Felice shares her story and why she chose to live in a 90 square foot space
-Sharing her grandfather’s story
-Little ways to start saving so you can live the life you want
-Some of Felice’s tips to make the most out of a small space
-The biggest way to get past people that tell you you are crazy
-Life goes by so quickly
-Don’t waste time. Enjoy every single moment.

Everyday I wake up I live like it’s my birthday – Murray (Felice’s grandfather)


Felice Cohen

90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (or more…) 

Let the River Run


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All progress takes place outside the comfort zone (9)

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone (8)

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