Real Talk 322: LinkedIn, Sales and Emotional Intelligence with Mike Shelah

In today’s episode of Real Talk with Ashley…Mike Shelah comes on for an incredible conversation.

-Going through and coming out of difficult struggles/hardships later on in life
-Leveraging feelings
-Truly connecting through our journey and authenticity
-ABC (always be closing) did more damage to professional sales people
-The true power of “win-win”
-There is never just right or wrong
-The power of listening when someone disagrees with you
-Everything we take in pass through our emotional filter first before logic comes in
-Emotional Hijacking
-The importance and necessity of emotional intelligence
-Always be connecting and cultivating relationships
-The best way to improve your LinkedIn profile is having a professional profile picture and utilizing keywords based on what people would be looking for from someone with your expertise
-LinkedIn is not something that is static, update as necessary
-Taking the extra time to truly understand a prospect’s needs and how you can best help

Mike Shelah is a LinkedIn made-man! He is a sales pro who rocketed his way to the top thanks to effective networking skills. Mike teaches others how to harness the power of LinkedIn. Infectious, enthusiastic, and practical; Mike’s personal story and professional experience reaches listeners to motivate and propel them to success. Mike is the perfect guest application for just about everyone; from professionals to students to job seekers alike.


Dr. Stephen Covey

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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