Real Talk 308: Aletheia Basile

In today’s episode of Real Talk with Ashley…

I talk to Aletheia Basile who has opened up her own online shop featuring various local treasures.

-Dealing with not everyone understanding what you are doing
-How Aletheia decided to go into opening up an online only store
-The only thing you can do is do what you love
-Getting rid of competition
-You can’t compete, you have to dominate
-Personality and the heart is how you get drawn
-Direct connection to your customers
-Handling refunds
-It is all about consistent content and connection
-People want value
-Nurturing and prioritizing relationships
-A little look into how Aletheia and her hubby make things work (communication & dirt bikes)
-People that question what you are doing and why you are doing
-Coping with others fears
-Feeling strong in being able to say no
-The highlight reel of social and being able to deal and show up
-Being able to be happy by yourself
-Everyone is different so honor your own needs and work ethic, etc.

Entrepreneur. Store owner. Fashionista. INHC Health Coach. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Marketer. Hustler. ENTJ. Type A. Respect  logic, learning and growth. Philosopher. Love supporting my fellow soul sister’s goals and dreams. Active volunteer with awesome charities. Lover of travel, culture, ecommerce, new ideas, music, deep conversations with beautiful minds, horses, intelligence, honesty, loyalty, fairness, challenges, gourmet chocolates, new experiences and all things fabulous. Foodie. Workaholic. Fur baby momma. Sophisticated, street smart, spiritual, soulful and savage.  ​

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