Real Talk 249: The Journey Continues

Yesterday, it was all smiles and giggles. In today’s episode of Real Talk with Ashley…

-Rounding out month eight of consistently producing this
-How extremely grateful for you listening I am
-Staying with it for 3-4 years
-Day 5 of working out regimen
-The only way to know if someone will listen watch read is to put it out there
-You don’t have to wait for x y z
-The hemming and hawing
-The putting it out there could feel like streaking through the street
-Why are you holding back
-I don’t have a “studio”
-A little on focus and relationships
-The importance of consistency is figuring out how to set yourself up for success
-There will always be people that will try to bring you down
-You can’t slow down or dim yourself so others feel safe
-If you aren’t triggering someone you probably aren’t doing big enough stuff
-Freaking people out


The first episode

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