Real Talk 220: Shianne Doucette

In today’s episode of Real Talk with Ashley…we have Shianne Doucette on the show.

-Shianne shares her journey to how she got to the work she is doing
-Shianne really got connected in 2009 and started in energy work starting with reiki
-The power of seeing and feeling
-We all have energy that is supremely intelligent
-Going inward and the true awareness from within
-The experience and what to expect in a session with Shianne
-Learning from your mistakes and knowing there is no real mistake
-The bottom line is when you get so caught up in a choice you just have to go or take action


13307285_611148205727807_7150171328463041428_nShianne is a practicing psychic medium who channels Source energy to read for individuals and groups providing validations of information that would not be known publicly.

With a gentle loving demeanor and a great sense of humor she helps individuals realize and learn to work with the energies that surround them.  Everyone has access to this supremely intelligent energy.  Some would call God, Source, Angels, Higher Self, Soul or the particle energies that make us up.

Depending on what is needed these are just some things that may happen during a reading with Shianne: deceased loved ones will come through to bring comfort or to get closure on unfinished business; guidance in regards to your life questions regarding relationships, career, finances & business; areas that are blocking you will be revealed with guidance on ways to overcome these blocks.


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