Real Talk 166: The Last Piece of Content You Need to Consume

In today’s audio I have Vasavi Kumar back on the show.

-Vasavi shares what has been going down since our last show together
-Soul Special merchandise and the story that led Vasavi to start this
-Vasavi’s transformation that she has gone through in the last 24 months
-2014 was when Vasavi went through her divorce
-The lows of family not agreeing with the decision of divorce and the loneliness
-Dealing with “never being good enough”
-Personal growth is crack cocaine
-There will always be something you can fix or work on
-So many of the answers you are seeking are within yourself
-The unnecessary placement on a pedestal of different “successful people”
CHALLENGE: Go 30 days with just yourself, get rid of all the “inspiration” and everyone you are following
-Giving yourself the credit where credit is due
-There are only so many courses you can take
-Before you buy or invest in something, really get clear on if you truly need it or if it is just a want
-People use a lot of things as fillers or as ways to avoid really “doing the work”
-We talk about vision boards and our thoughts on them
-Let’s call it what it is “arts and crafts”
-Triggers are an opportunity for you to get honest with yourself
-We go off on “six figures”
-What is enough? It’s not going to be enough until you decide it is
-We touch on “influencers” and the “internet celebrity”
-Sales calls, showing up as human, integrity!
-People will remember how you treat them forever
-You don’t need to be an asshole just cuz you are desperate
-When you trust yourself then you start trusting others
-Vasavi’s tip of what to do DAY ONE of the challenge should you take it up: Exercise! Clarity comes from sweating in the morning


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