Real Talk 113: Stefanie Flores

In today’s audio I talk with Stefanie Flores.

-Bringing therapy to more people outside of just the office
-The power of journaling and writing
-Boundaries and self love are global topics and are crucial to everyone
-Arianna Huffington as a role model for women
-Self care does not discriminate, when our self care suffers we all suffer
-Tuning in to your own patterns
-Burn out and how to find the telltale signs
-Walking your talk
-Our shared love for Jay Z

Stefanie Flores is a Licensed mental health and addictions therapist who lives in Las Vegas. She started her blog, The Focus On You, in 2015, as a way to spread her knowledge of mental health and self-care beyond her office. Her blog and social media presence are focused on positivity, self-love, female empowerment and social change. She wants YOU to make yourself a priority! She is originally from the Bay Area and received both of her degrees at San Jose State. Stefanie is married and is the mom of 2 adorable beagles.


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