An Update From A Little One Woman Show

It’s all about the consistency dedication and giving 110% all day every day…celebrating myself for going full Monday-Sunday not ever missing a day since the podcast started March 27th and yup boatloads of patience because it’s a long-term journey not short term destination…

Real Talk with Ashley Downloads By the Month Thus Far…

April 1,000
May 5,402
June 8,096
July 9,838
August 11,173


Surpassing the 11,000 DL mark doesn’t feel too shabby … long way and lots more to be done but like I said I’m not here for a short-term thing


1. Just show up every day (whatever and wherever you are go all in – be present on your platforms and engage) BUT figure out your own way of commitment/how you operate (nothing wrong if you want weekly/daily/or need a day off just find your preference and rock it). I show up across a variety of platforms/write almost daily/record new episode everyday but I’m probably a little crazy.
2. Consistency matters more than you realize – people get used to you and your content and they do notice if you aren’t there (whether it be snapchat, twitter, IG, a FB community, etc.)
3. Just be yourself…I am just fully ME on every episode and it’s funny how people really really dig it
4. There really is no “perfect” so don’t let that stop you from just showing up. You can always uplevel your equipment and there will always be something you can adjust or learn from but just don’t let that deter you from putting something out there… goes way beyond just podcast – it’s everything!

Keep going and thank you for all of your support!


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